Master Orloff



Theatre Incarnate chanced upon Orloff & Clodille’s perennial sideshow act- a travellin’ pygmalion sideshow of mirrored afterbirth and broken concrete. Step right up, peel back your fascination and watch the angry Orloff’s obsession with the beastly freak Clodille. Round and round she goes… transmorgifying for your entertainment, and his.

The following act was not a playhouse for children or the illiterate and contained material which may be deemed ill suited. The “Freakshow Beautifique” has been showcasing its grotesque tale of woe through the metatemporal planes since its humble beginnings in Europe, in 1347 A.D.


Anaïs Bossé
Brenda McLean
Christopher Sobczak
Claire Therese

Conceived/Directed and Production Design:
Brenda McLean

Lighting Design:
Eric Bossé

Original Music:
Claire Therese

Poster/Graphic Design:
Dave Pruden

Leif Norman

Stage Manager:
Garrett Rusnak


Best Design of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2011, CBC for Master Orloff

Phase II Workshop Direction 2013: 
Ardyth Johnson