The Adventures of B##t Boy and Tigger

Action Five Productions in association with Theatre Incarnate presents:

“The Adventures of B##t Boy and Tigger” for Pride Winnipeg 2019

From the wicked pen of Australian playwright Steven Dawson comes an outrageous but ultimately moving roller-coaster ride through the world of on-line chatting. Two men leap from one orgasmic, underpants-bursting adventure to the next! Until one asks the unthinkable: “Can we meet?”

Welcome to the world of Matt and Jamie, two lost souls searching for each other aimed the internet-born darkness. After they playfully reveal outrageous fantasies to each other in cyber world, will this pair actually hit it off when they risk meeting each other in the real world?


Directed by: Brenda McLean
Featuring: David Breckman and Collin Wynter
Photography: Jess Mann Photography

…a witty funny and touching story….delightfully filthy…

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